Ultimate Locking System

The Power Bolt Locking System is an Electric fires Stainless steel pins int the door 6 seconds after the last door is closed.

Version 1 is a Dead Lock System which is locked by the Dallas Key & opened by the same Key.

Version 2 is Locked by the OEM remote and then unlocked by the Dallas Key

Version 3 is Locked by closing the last door. ^ seconds after the Locks will Automatically Fire. This Slam Lock Version will be unlocked by the Dallas Key.

The Dallas Key has over 26 Billion Combinations

Ghost Immobiliser

The Ghost Immobiliser prevents the Vehicle from being stolen.

Even if the Theif has your Keys,They still can not Steal your Pride & Joy.

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This gives you the ability to Record 360 degrees of your Vehicle.

Insurance Fraud is becoming more popular with criminals falsefying accidents. This system will prevent this. Recording full evidence.

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Dash Cam

Forward facing Dash Cam records incidents whilst Driving. A two camera Dash Cam will Record the Rear.

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Exterior Lights

We have a Full Range of Exterior Lights.

Work Lights, Amber Emergency Quad Lights including Waterproof Strip Lights

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Reverse Camera

Reverse Camera Helps to Prevent Damage to your Vehicle whilst Reversing.

Reverse Sensors is an alternative or an Addition.


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Interior Lights

Stop strugling with finding your tools in Dim light.Let us Design a Lighting System to Suit your Needs.

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