Powerbolt Locking System

State of the Art security locks and deadlocks

Our Ultimate Locking System, hosting 3 different versions to suit your needs. The Dallas Key has over 26 Billion Combinations.

The Power Bolt Locking System is Electric & fires Stainless steel pins into the door, 6 seconds after the last door is closed.

Tailored for tradesmen & anybody who needs to keep their vehicle safe.

A lot of our customers come to us after they’ve had their vehicle broken into, don’t be one of those people! Secure your vehicle with us before its too late with the best Immobiliser on the markets.

Great for you

  • Version 1 is a Dead Lock System which is locked by the Dallas Key & opened by the same Key.
  • Version 2 is Locked by the OEM remote and then unlocked by the Dallas Key
  • Version 3 is Locked by closing the last door. ^ seconds after the Locks will Automatically Fire. This Slam Lock Version will be unlocked by the Dallas Key.

Powerbolt Locking System | £1295

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