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Meta Trak Vehicle Tracking

The Meta Trak Deadlock is Secure Against Relay Attack and Key Cloning

Ghost Immobiliser

The Ghost Immobiliser II by Autowatch is a revolutionary immobilisation to secure your vehicle.

Bespoke Locks & Deadlocks

The Power Bolt Locking System is Electric & fires Stainless steel pins into the door, 6 seconds after the last door is closed.

Bespoke Protected Vans For Sale

A lot of our customers come to us with a brand new van that they need securing, with our pre-secured bvs vans we cut out the middle man so its easy for you to buy your van already fully secure knowing it has the latest security technology available.

Bespoke Camera’s

Insurance Fraud is becoming more popular with criminals falsefying accidents. This system will prevent this. Recording full evidence.


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